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Our large, comprehensive inventory of spare parts is re-assuring to customers in the region. We stock parts for single and double wide presses, saddle binder and folders, trimmers, stitching heads and a host of parts for the auxiliary equipment we sell.


National Printing Equipment specialises in pre-used web offset presses, units folders etc., we also specialise in saddle binders, inserters stackers etc., and can also offer a full range of support and auxiliary equipment.

New Equipment

We offer the Tensor range of presses and parts, click here for more info.

Totally Rebuilt or Just Repairs

National Printing Equipment can provide services from selective repairs on presses and bindery equipment that are generally in good condition to complete rebuilding for "tired" equipment. The customer chooses which is best for his needs. These services can be performed either for a fixed amount or, as in the case of selected repairs only, on a time and material basis. All areas of repair or replacement are documented and placed on file for future reference.

Installation/Field service

National Printing Equipment provides the printing industry with "QUALITY" expert personnel to install, troubleshoot, repair, and train in the field at reasonable rates for your organisation.

Retrofit Kits and Up Grades

National Printing Equipment can provide professional upgrades to older equipment such as running circumferential registration controls, new or reconditioned press drives with more horesepower, brush or spray bar dampening, motorised compensators, lever ink fountains, ratchet over running ink roller, replaceable groove R.T.F., pneumatics and other such enhancements. These upgrades can reduce waste, improve quality, shorten the print window and reduce labour requirements to name a few advantages.

Press Enhancements:

Auxiliary Equipment

We can locate and offer a full range of auxiliary equipment. From ink pumping equipment, to ribbon decks, blanket and rubber roller gauges, rubber rollers to stitching heads - we cover it all. We can also handle your surplus equipment sale in an effortless and professional manner, not only will your equipment be faxed to all our customers, but it will also be faxed to our support suppliers overseas.

See our Lincoln Ink Transfer Systems.

Whatever your equipment needs fax or email us the details and thank you for considering
National Printing Equipment

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